2018 Collection

Cherry Blossom

The year it all began. With a love for Cherry Blossoms and a passion for going on cruises with friends, this sticker started it all. But why Tragic? Break a bolt… Tragic. Scrape your new lip on a driveway… well, that’s Tragic. Right, but what about the Japanese characters? It translates to Squad. A group to feel welcomed by, with a similar attachment to the hunks of metal we love so dearly. 

2019 Collection

Cherry Blossom V2

Year number 2. Wow. I guess this is getting serious now. What started as a fun sticker has become carrying actual accessories. We learned from the first year that black text on a darker background has its downfalls. Who knew? Yeah. We wanted to lighten this collection up a bit anyhow, so we opted to go with the lighter, almost white Cherry Blossoms as inspiration. This made for a bold contrast when adding the black TRAGIC logo overtop.

2020 collection

Cherry Blossom V3

Maybe it’s the feeling of heading into isolation, but we wanted to tone back how light the previous collection felt. We chose to go with a much more moody feel this year. We chose some beautiful bright pink Cherry Blossoms to help lighten the mood ever so slightly. Combine that with a white TRAGIC logo and you have the Cherry Blossom V3 collection.

2021 Collection

Cherry Blossom V4