Modded World x Tragic Squad - Bundle

$16.80 $24

Modded World x Tragic Squad | Spring / Summer 2020 

  This collaborative Jet Tag borrows elements from both the front and back of the original Tragic Squad 'Classic Logo' Jet Tag. One side features the Classic Tragic Squad logo and tag line. The other side has the Modded World logo and Tag line in a matching style.

  The holographic sticker boasts both Modded World's and Tragic Squad's iconic tag lines front and center. This sticker has a fun holographic (foil) effect and is layered with a thick clear lamination. 

Bundles will be shipped in limited edition Modded World x Tragic Squad envelopes.


The Bundle includes:

1x Modded World x Tragic Squad Jet Tag

1x Modded World x Tragic Squad Holographic Sticker



Jet Tag: 1 1/16" x 5" ( 1 1/8" Key Ring)

Sticker: 7 3/8" x 2 3/8"

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