Reworked Face Mask - Patch Work

Color: Black

Only 3 pieces in stock!

  This face mask is sewn in-house and made using our "Classic Logo T-Shirt". The shirts being used are ones that have stitching, printing, and/ or labeling defects, that otherwise couldn't used and would be thrown out. These masks are dual layered.

  With the nature of this mask design, no mask will be the same. You're essentially getting a 1 of 1. The photo provided is for reference, but the mask will include both white (or Black) and red elements. 

  These masks are hand cut and sewn in Canada.


Reworked Face Masks:

Sizing: (Guide line)

S/M measures 13" across from ear loop to ear loop

M/L measures 14.5" across from ear loop to ear loop

L/XL measures 16” across from ear loop to ear loop

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